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  1. Ok! I'll use these tips. Thanks for your help! I hope I can get this figured out 😁
  2. Actually, hold on a second haha. I just tried this, and although it works, there's one problem that I don't understand Why are the "l"s not the same? Shouldn't they be the same?
  3. LoudSilence YES! THAT IS WHAT I WANTED! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Here's what I'm generally trying to achieve:
  4. No actually. I have a font I want to use, I just need it pixelated - this is kinda weird, but I'm going for an embroidered look (Specifically the cross stitched signs from Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World) I know, a bit specific. I've looked at references and it basically just looks like pixel art.
  5. Hi! I'm brand new and created an account because I've been trying to work out something. I'm trying to create a kind of cross-stitched text look. Now when I say cross-stitched, I don't want it to look like small stitches, I literally just want it to look like pixel art-text. When I try to use "Pixelate" it creates all kinds of transparent pixels to try to blend the image a bit better, but I don't want that - all I want is for it to pixel-art my text. Does that make sense? :P
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