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Flashing Fractals on All Selections

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Hi Rick,


You're right!  I had brought up the refresh rate too high.  Taking it down to default resolved this.


Generally speaking, I'd like to run it at 75Hz.  Is there anything you think I could do to keep it at 75Hz generally, and then just 60 for PDN?





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20 hours ago, Flingrabu said:

Also, if the video card itself is the issue - can that be changed in a laptop?  I mean, is there a component there?  Or, is it just get a new motherboard?


Probably not. Laptops are very integrated systems. I would definitely start by trying to update the drivers. Windows Update may be able to do it all for you.


My guess is you've got some memory (RAM) going bad somewhere. Higher refresh rates require more memory bandwidth, which puts more load on the RAM, which means more electrons and more heat (oh, maybe try cooling it down or something, too). Any kind of visual distortion could be an indication that the data being sent to the GPU is getting corrupted.


You can also go into the app's Settings and turn off "Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU)". This will force all rendering to be done on the CPU. It will be slower, but may work better for you.



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