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Can't acquire from scanner

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Have been a user for quite a while.  Suddenly I can't acquire an image from the scanner at my primary computer.  The Acquire, From Scanner or Camera is grayed out.  


In trying to update the app I only get in a loop that doesn't really update. It says You own this, Launch and the problem remains.  On my secondary computer the Acquire works just fine. 


I'd be grateful for any advice, especially how to get an update of the app which I think would solve my problem.


--Old Duffer

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I have a similar problem. Looks like many have had over the years and yours is maybe the latest post?


For me the Acquire>Scanner is greyed out. 


I have installed (copy and pasted) the DLL into the right place, I think. (Not completely sure on that because initially  it was showing I didn't have needed admin permission, MS has really made things harder and harder to just use the computer, dammit! Anyway...) 


I have restarted the program and the computer to no avail. 

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Does Windows recognize the scanner? If Windows can't recognize it, then it won't be accessible from Paint.NET.


37 minutes ago, don1too said:

I have installed (copy and pasted) the DLL into the right place


What DLL are you talking about?

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