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  1. Non-appearing text seems to be a long-term chronic problem and the suggestions to fix it (including deslecting an area or adding a transparent layer) resolve the problem only occasionally. Adept PaintNET users have surely solved the problem and have then continued on their way. However, many Newbies probably get discuraged in trying to correct the problem and either live with it or abandon the site. Shouldn't PaintNet apply a vigorous fix, one that is reliable and easy to use, if only in their self-interest?
  2. After successfully adding text to images something suddenly changes and although the cursor is shown and a key stroke moves it, no text appears. Can someone please explain and instruct me how to get back to "normal" text insertion?
  3. I love the app and the cost is reasonable. Users, please donate........often. I cannot seem to find a path that results in a printed copy that is the actual size of the image on the screen. It seems there are only discrete selectable sizes like "Fit picture to Frame" and, say 5" x 7" or 4" x 6", etc. Hopefully, there's a way to force the actual 100% size but I can't find one. --Oldster.
  4. Today, following a routine Paint.net update I am no longer able to print anything, getting an error message of "An error occurred during this operation" . The detail is "80070005 Access is denied". My printer operates normally on other apps. I then removed paint.net and installed a new copy ($8). There was no change. 80070005 Access is denied. I would very much appreciate help, as I am a long-time pleased user. --Oldster
  5. What am I missing? I can't seem to print an image of the size I want. In RESIZE it is possible to accurately specify the image size. When starting to print the FIT IMAGE TO FRAME can be unchecked but later I'm forced into a menu choice of FULL PAGE PHOTO, 4 X 6, 5 X 7, etc., which over-rides my RESIZE settings. Surely it is somehow possible to print in exact size. If someone would please explain the path I'd be grateful. ---Oldster
  6. I cannot get a printed image to be the size I have set and want. In the RESIZE entry blocks I choose the height and width of the desired image in pixels and the pixels/inch resolution, while observing below the print image size changing (in inches), adjusted to be the one that I seek. I am asked HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR PICTURES PRINTED? where I carefully uncheck the FIT IMAGE TO FRAME and note that the displayed image shrinks a bit, showing that an action has been taken. I am then offered FULL PAGE PHOTO, 4 X 6, 5X 7, etc., none of which accurately give me the desired size that I have set. 1) Why is this a required menu choice? and 2) Why doesn't the print preview screen show the set image size instead of showing occupation of the whole 8.5" X 11" page that is going to be printed? I'm stymied and would gratefully appreciate assistance.
  7. Knowledgeable, toe-head. Thanks. However, not very useful cook-book-style to an amateur. Proper settings are surely in the app but are hard to find and apply. There's a tutorial on the subject but it moves much too rapidly with erratic flying pointers and provides no explanatory dialog. Oh, If Microsoft hadn't abandoned their excellent Digital Image Suite. In it Smart Erase and Blending led even the vaunted Photoshop.
  8. I long had no difficulty scaling an image to a desired size for printing. Dragging an image corner even kept the initial aspect ratio. But suddenly something has shifted and the printed image is always full-page no matter what resize settings I've commanded. Print/image scaling should be quite a simple procedure in paintnet but I've diligently searched settings to find my problem, to no avail, finding involved and exotic suggestions, for example, such as applying plug-ins. That shouldn't be necessary. The instruction for this basic task shouldn't be obscure nor require tricks. It worked easily, intuitively for me as a naive beginner but now it's hidden in complexity. I'd much appreciate any constructive directions or suggestions from the knowledgeable.. --Oldster
  9. I long used Acquire successfully. Now suddenly the menu choice of From Printer/Scanner is grayed out and unusable. I see nothing in Settings that seems to apply to this. A thorough removal of Paint.net and a fresh download does not resolve my problem and I'm stuck. I'd be quite grateful for any assistance. --D. Cooper
  10. Have been a user for quite a while. Suddenly I can't acquire an image from the scanner at my primary computer. The Acquire, From Scanner or Camera is grayed out. In trying to update the app I only get in a loop that doesn't really update. It says You own this, Launch and the problem remains. On my secondary computer the Acquire works just fine. I'd be grateful for any advice, especially how to get an update of the app which I think would solve my problem. --Old Duffer
  11. I'd be grateful if someone would please indicate to this newbie how to display the Tool menu directly on the field. I've hunted and not found the way.
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