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Best method to erase / trace straightedge?

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Hi, I was looking for a tool to do this with, I cant seem to find a setting.

I make textures for in-game models and save in various sizes in .png with clear outlines.

Quite often it is an image or snapshot I have taken of an item and they are not always on an even X or Y axis.

I have to "cut around" the edges in most cases, but find it extremely time consuming with any tool in the toolbar, and the rectangle selector isnt very good when rotated.

Am I just doing this in a poor way? I also have used tha magic wand but often the colors on the edge arent separated well by the % slider bar.

Example: Street sign I have edited and weathered with rust, needs to be trimmed on the edges. Sign has a 6 degree tilt clockwise. Must make background (everything around the sign) transparent. Currently takes almost an hour, I need a faster way.

I have also tried drawing an odd color around the borders, then using the wand, but this also isn't very precise, and sometimes impossible from the color schemes.

Thanks in advance,


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