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No tooltips on bottom-of-screen widgets on 4.2.5

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I just noticed there are no tooltips for any of the widgets at the bottom of the screen. This made it difficult to figure out what was happening with the zoom mode button so that I could understand your response to https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114683-paintnet-42-is-now-available/?tab=comments#comment-561516

Regarding that locked thread, I don't agree with how this works. When the zoom is locked, the zoom icons don't appear grayed, and rightly so -- using them will kick it out of zoom lock mode. So too should panning. The zoom lock mode is still useful, in that the document stays filling the screen while you move the window around, but would be less obtrusive then, getting out of the way when you're indicating via the mouse "I want to actually do something that you're blocking". I don't think the point is to prevent people from accidentally panning, so this should be taken as a cue that they are no longer interested in the zoom lock mode being enabled.

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There's no tooltips because there's a bug in WinForms which causes the tooltips to constantly blink on and off and... it's just really bad. Not having tooltips sucks, but it sucks way less than the alternative.

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