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Looking for a all-in-one plugin pack

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Title is self-explanatory, sorry if im breaking a few rules here, i'm not used to fourms lol, but id like a pack which has a very huge amount of plugins, i browsed through a lot of plugin packs but each only come with a few plugins mostly made by their individual creators, id like a full on plugin pack with as many features as possible, i mean, not a crazy amount, but just enough for a newish paint.net user who wants to use this


thanks :3  

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BoltBait's plugin pack is, IMHO, essential and could hardly be desribed as only having "a few plugins":-




I've not counted but there are at least 40 plugins and other things many of which are very useful rather than just potentially or occasionally useful.


MadJik's plugin pack also has lots of useful stuff:-




Red Ochre and Ed Harvey amongst many others have plugin sets and individual plugins I would not want to be without.


I'd also argue that you can have too much choice - if you need a tool/plugin to create a particular image by all means find and install it but just how many plugins of a genuinely comprehensive set would you actually need let alone use? You'll spend all your time playing with them, trying them out, getting diverted from your original purpose to either good or bad ends. Lack of choice can be a spur to creativity.


For years using PDN I just stuck to the default tools and effects and there are still many of those I've never used yet still managed to create the images I wanted too. Sometimes later I've even found out that I had a plugin that would have made certain tasks simpler but because that plugin was somewhere in a list of fifty plus effects I didn't even realise it. But I still came up with solutions using the tools I did know about. 


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