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The Teddy

Replace selected keeping properties

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The recolor tool allows me to take any other color and repaint selected areas while keeping contrasts, shade and such.






I would like to know if there is a way to replace a selected area with a completely different image, but keep all the properties just like the recolor tool does.

To re-use the upper example, it would be as if I selected all the yellow parts from the first image and pasted a perfectly red square on top of it.

The second should maintain details and not just be this: yqRAXe2.png



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Hello at @The Teddy and welcome to the forum :)


I deleted one of your posts, as you had posted twice with the exact, same question :lol:


As for copy and pasting into a an image - copy the part you want to a new layer, then you could try changing the 'mode' to Multiply, or one of the other choices, so it would then show the details.



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Thank you for the welcome.


What I specifically have in mind is this: (edited it piece by piece since pixel art allows it)



Picture I wanted pasted over selected yellow parts:



End result:



The pasted image is there entirely but some parts keep their details though higher and lower brightness.

By cutting all yellow parts and pasting the image through layers the result would be this:



Is there any tool or plugin to help do this in a simpler way?

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I can't think of a Plugin that will do what you ask, but someone else on here may have some ideas.  If changing the layer mode does not help to show your outlines, then you will have to erase the yellow areas:






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