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erasing backgrounds but not your object.

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Hello everyone, Glad to finally join this community. Paint.net has been so awesome where much of my art for anime, furry fiction writing is concerned. One thing I have not picked up on yet is how to chose a completed color object on a white background and erase the background without having to go to magnification and hand trim around the border of the object. Clearing this up for me would save me a lot of time. Can anyone point me to a good tutorial?

color guard.jpg

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I would use the Wand Tool set to a tolerance of 45 to erase the background and the remaining white between the characters legs.

Also I would use the eraser to remove the artifacts on the right side of the character.


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You are welcome!
Here is a link to a great video tutorial explaining the Layers feature of Paint.NET.
It is mainly about using layers with photo images and not drawings, but the concepts are similar.


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