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  1. This one is an ode to my brother and I and our favorite television show COMBAT with the late Vic Morrow. I took a lot of the tutorials for fabrics and fur and played around with other tools like the smudge tool and rotating textures to come up with this one. I can't believe it's taken me so long to find out how much I could do with paint.net like the button mode...not the Button on the fox with the "RED A" of General George Patton's 3rd Army.
  2. Another of Astro Boy done to an ad picture for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics for next years 2020 return of the games.
  3. Thanks much. Had a lot of experience with old Ma Deuce.
  4. Here, two characters from a Zootopia fan fiction I'm writing are banging away with a Ma Deuce 50 cal as their ship goes into a tight battle turn. It started out as a pencil and was finished in Paint.net ver 4.1.6
  5. Hi again, So....what I want to do is take a copy from a color patch and have it fit the shape of a selected magic wand shape on a drawing. What do I need to do?
  6. Thank you so much HyReZ and Welshblue for your help on this. 100 percent benefit! And thank you for the drawing compliment. I'll find the layer tutorial on my own.
  7. Hello everyone, Glad to finally join this community. Paint.net has been so awesome where much of my art for anime, furry fiction writing is concerned. One thing I have not picked up on yet is how to chose a completed color object on a white background and erase the background without having to go to magnification and hand trim around the border of the object. Clearing this up for me would save me a lot of time. Can anyone point me to a good tutorial?
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