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Symmetric Mandala Creator Plugin

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16 hours ago, Tuckeroo said:

Wow! Thanks so much. I can't see how to do the 4 mirror option though. đŸ™‚

There isn't really a 4 mirror option. The descriptions in the options are confusing.
If you choose Mirrors = 1, it will result into the cat example on the plugin description.
If you choose Mirrors = 2, it will Mirror your picture 4 times.

Sorry for the confusions, should have named it mode 1 and 2 insted.


Im not sure if this was your problem. If not you probably mean how to use mode 2. 
Just create a square image and draw something in the upper left triangle, like in the example and you will understand :)

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Thanks for replying High Res. I was talking about your black and white example in your original post. It looks like you've got 1/8 of a picture and rotated/mirrored it.


Oh I see. I just copied your picture and tried it. Looks like I have to do some more playing around with the plugin. Thanks again!


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added last paragraph
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