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  1. Thanks for your quick reply TechnoRobbo. 1) How big is too big? I have 2x2 sprites in a 400 pixel square. It seems to work really quickly ... I did make them even smaller (200px) and they still overlap with 12 as the fill count, even though there is more room for them. I would ideally like to use bigger images though. Is that possible? 2) Ahh. That works now, except every time I hit the randomize button, all the images clump together. They don't seem to want to spread out at all! 3) Oh. Right.
  2. I'm having so much fun with this plugin! Thank you. But I'm having some problems with a couple of the features: 1) the no overlap feature still always seems to have overlapping images if there are more than just a few 2) the constrain to selection feature does not seem to work - images still go over the edge 3) every time I go to "get" my PNG image, it always starts in the document library (I'm on Win 7) rather than remembering where I got the image from last time. Or is that what is supposed to happen? Am I doing something wrong? I would upload a screenshot, but I'm not sure how to. I have the latest version of pdn. Thanks Jeanette
  3. opentype fonts

    Oh. See there I'm showing my ignorance - I don't know that much about fonts. I suspect that it's all those variants and ligatures that I'm interested in. Are there any sneaky ways to get those into pdn? Jeanette
  4. opentype fonts

    Thanks for the replies. I checked out the character map for the font and it showed a few more than whichsymbol. Should it show all the available characters within a font? Because that would be a way to get those fancy characters into paint dot net without having to use those massively expensive, professional-level typesetting and publishing platforms!
  5. opentype fonts

    Thanks for that. I've installed the plugin, but didn't really see many variations - certainly way less than "hundreds". At least I know now that it's not worth paying money for a font with all the extra letters. Jeanette
  6. I have installed a font called lobster two (from fontspace), which claims to have hundreds of ligatures and alternatives. Is there any way to use / see them all in pdn? I have Win 7 and the latest version of pdn. Thanks Jeanette
  7. Thanks so much for these. They are fantastic!