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Acquire greyed out

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I have been using Paint.net for a long time for scanning from my HP 5520 printer to scan into my laptop.

I wanted to scan in four pictures, three scanned in ok but the 4th one just would not.

I closed Paint down and then reopened it and tried to scan in the 4th picture again.  This time when I went into Acquire it was greyed out.

I have shut down both the laptop and the printer to see if it would solve the problem, but it has not.

Anyone got a suggestion what could have happened as I do need to use the scan for my documents.

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A similar thing has happened to me.  During a power cut my Canon MG7550 driver became corrupted so I installed one from the Canon site.  Since then Paint.net has not found the scanner - the option is greyed out in Acquire.  I uninstalled the downloaded driver and reinstalled the driver from the disc that came with the printer/scanner and that has not worked.  I have tried downloading twainableplus and that has not worked.  I use the scanner a lot in Paint.net and need to get it working again.  I am using Windows 10

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