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Working with textures from the 1st Stalker game. Took the original pic, resized the canvas – transparent background areas old and new looked identical in editor, but upon saving the file I've found that new transparent area shows as white while the old one shows as black (opened with XnView, if it's relevant). If pasted from above,  new area would also look black, but what makes it different if it's transparent and how do I keep visible color consistent? BTW, I've also seen transparent area showing as yellow or pink in modded pics, so maybe it's editor-dependent?


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Unfortunately, it is editor dependent. Microsoft more or less considers transparent to be "transparent white," since that's what the internal value Color.Transparent is defined as. Paint.NET mostly follows that, though not completely consistently. If you want to convert all the transparent colors to transparent black, you can run my plugin Transparent to Transparent Black before saving the image. (I think transparent black makes more sense then transparent white, since all the color values are zero.) If you save in a file format other than PNG or PDN, there are no guarantees that the file conversion won't change the transparent pixels to some other value.

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