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Is there a plugin that revamps the Text tool?

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I've been using Paint.Net since the year it was made, and I've always felt the Text tool was very lacking and in desperate need of an upgrade. Though, I suppose that's what plugins are for, right? I've used the Editable Text plugin, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is a way to type out text and change the stylization of only certain words rather than the whole object.


Rather than looking like this when typed with a single use of the tool,


it could instead look like this with a single use of tool, simply by toggling the bold or italics buttons while typing.


When typing text with the intent for one or more words to be emboldened or italicized, it can be hard to guess how much more space the word's bold or italic version will need. You end up having to use the Rectangle Select and Move tools to move everything around after typing it all. Very time-consuming.


Last time I made a topic like this, I discovered that such the tool I was looking for already existed (despite my having looked for it), so I'm hoping for similar news this time! :smile:

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Hello @Dachimotsu - I don't think Paint.Net has the capability to do that, as PDN is a bitmap editor and not a vector editor.  Once text is rendered it is converted to bitmap, which is PDN's native editing format.


I note that you've tried the Editable Text Plugin, and I don't think there are any other Plugins ........ but I may be wrong.  Perhaps someone else who logs on will know more ?


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