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Selections out-of-bounds use the out-of-bounds pixels when resizing

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Paint.net version 4.0.19 running on Windows 10 64-bit Home edition



Normally, making a selection with e.g. the rectangular select tool will constrain the selected pixels to the actual canvas. That is, you can't make a selection that goes out-of-bounds of the canvas. However, if you make a selection and move the selection itself so it's partially out-of-bounds, those pixels are ignored when pixels within that selection are moved -- until the selected pixels are resized. This causes inconsistent behavior.

Removing the selected region outside of the actual canvas when the user is done (step 3) should solve this problem.


Steps to Reproduce

1) Open paint.net.

2) Make a large selection, then press M twice so you can manipulate the selection without affecting pixels.

4) Drag part of the selection out of bounds.

5) Press M so you're manipulating pixels again.

6) Drag the selection somewhere like the middle of the screen.

7) Resize the selected pixels. You should see the section that was off-screen suddenly appear as transparent pixels.




Edited by Joshua Lamusga


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Oh wow, you found a new bug here!


This all works correct until the very last step. If you try this out with something like a photograph, up until step 6 (the 5th picture), it's more obvious that the "pixels" you dragged from outside of the canvas are actually just non-existent. But the fact that they convert into overwriting transparent pixels in the last step is certainly a bug.

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