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How do I bend an image ?

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How do I bend an image ? 


Say this image called armor strap2 to look like this, a bent version of armor strap2, picture is called bent version


I want armor strap 2 to be bent like the bent version picture


armor strap 2 is the brown diagonal line


bent version picture is the black curved line, that I want the armor strap2 picture to be bent/curved in the way the black curved line is

armor strap2.png

bent version.png

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Eli said it before: You need it just to visualize/match the curvature needed in your project.


So if you don't need a orientation/help/guidance then you don't need a second layer with a curved line.

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thank you so much for helping me, I finally got what I wanted, oh and I learned something new, apparently if the armor strap is selected, like with magic wand select, Tube Oblique, will not be able to make those changes desired and the image will disappear as long as the armor strap is still in selection, after I disabled the selection of the armor strap, I was able to make the changes you taught me and curve/bend the armor strap

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