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Mike's Beta Plugins - Now Including My Oddities Plugin Pack

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Alright, this is my personal test ground for releasing plugins not quite yet for primetime. Please, constructive critisism only. A simply 'don't like' or 'doesn't work' is not of any help to me. Thanks!

------------------Mike Ryan's Oddities------------------

Attached is a plugin package containing three plugins that may or may not see the light of day. As well, there are noted issues as found by previous private testing.


About: Kills all alpha lower, greater, or equal to the amount specified. As well, it now included AA ability by request. There are known issues about the AA feature.

Input to Output

This changes the value of the input color channel by the specified output channel. There are known issues about using the Alpha channel in this plugin.

Color Trimming

This allows you to remove particular portions of a color channel. Very useful for color correction. No known issues at this time.

Mike Ryan's Oddities.zip


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