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installation problem. I ask for assistance

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Hello to all,
I downloaded the latest version of paint.NET. but when I run the executable this message appears:


Le informazioni su come richiamare il debug JIT (Just-In-Time) anziché questa finestra
sono riportate in fondo al messaggio.

************** Testo dell'eccezione **************
PaintDotNet.Direct2D.NoHardwareDeviceException (0x8899000B): ..\Direct2D\D2DFactory.cpp (95) : hr = m_pFactory->CreateDCRenderTarget( &NativeConversions::ToNative(renderTargetProperties), &spDCRenderTarget); (PaintDotNet.Controls.PdnBanner)
   in PaintDotNet.Interop.InteropErrorInfo.ThrowIfError() in D:\src\pdn\src\Base\Interop\InteropErrorInfo.cs:riga 89
   in PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.Native.x64.NativeUtilities.ThrowOnErrorImpl(Int32 hr, SByte* szHr, IUnknown* pFxErrorInfo)
   in PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.Native.x64.Direct2D.D2DFactory.CreateDCRenderTarget(RenderTargetProperties renderTargetProperties)
   in PaintDotNet.Direct2D.Proxies.Direct2DFactoryProxy.CreateDCRenderTarget(RenderTargetProperties renderTargetProps) in D:\src\pdn\src\Base\Direct2D\Proxies\Direct2DFactoryProxy.cs:riga 75
   in PaintDotNet.Controls.Direct2DControlHandler.RecreateRenderTarget(Boolean invalidateControl) in D:\src\pdn\src\Framework\Controls\Direct2DControlHandler.cs:riga 426
   in PaintDotNet.Controls.Direct2DControlHandler.RelayGdiPaintImpl(GdiPaintContext ctx) in D:\src\pdn\src\Framework\Controls\Direct2DControlHandler.cs:riga 500
   in PaintDotNet.Controls.Direct2DControlHandler.RelayGdiPaint(GdiPaintContext ctx) in D:\src\pdn\src\Framework\Controls\Direct2DControlHandler.cs:riga 483
   in PaintDotNet.Controls.Direct2DControl.OnGdiPaint(GdiPaintContext ctx) in D:\src\pdn\src\Framework\Controls\Direct2DControl.cs:riga 347
   in PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.GdiPaintHandler.OnWmPaint(Message& m) in D:\src\pdn\src\SystemLayer\GdiPaintHandler.cs:riga 184
   in PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.GdiPaintHandler.RelayWndProc(Message& m) in D:\src\pdn\src\SystemLayer\GdiPaintHandler.cs:riga 233
   in PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.GdiPaintControl.WndProc(Message& m) in D:\src\pdn\src\SystemLayer\GdiPaintControl.cs:riga 130
   in System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)


I only carry the first part because it is very long. if necessary, it will be complete.

os : windows 10 home

NET.framework: version 4.7.02046

I used microsoft tools to troubleshoot installer programs without finding the solution.

thanks for any support



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2 hours ago, toe_head2001 said:

I got it, my laptop has an nvidia geforce gt 520 mx card. to which I recently updated the drivers. maybe the problem is this because in the past paint.net worked perfectly. perhaps the new drivers have created a conflict. in fact I'm also having problems with a game that contains files with extension tga. with this game if I use the poor graphics card integrated (intel 3000) it works fine. if I use the most powerful nvidia everything moves slowly and the interface has an incorrect graphics. I suspect that the 2 issues (paint.net and game) have a common cause of conflict with new nvidia drivers.
Thanks for the attention.

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Hello to all,
I solved the problem with the help of a friend (Jan).
I'll do it in case someone has the same problem:
1st) I uninstalled the latest version of nvidia 385.69 drivers, with some difficulties because, every time I was asked to restart the system to complete the uninstallation, promptly reboot nvidia their drivers. until I restart for the third time I manually deleted all nvidia folders.
2nd) I cleaned the OS and the registry and restarted ..
3 °) After restart I started Windows Update I downloaded and installed the nvidia drivers version 376.54.
4 °) I installed and started "paint.net" without any other problems.
sorry for English is not my mother tongue.

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