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Trying To Install on PC without Internet

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I am trying to install paint.net on a Windows PC running XP which is not connected to the internet. I downloaded paint.net to my jump drive on another machine, and then ran the install on my XP computer.

At one point the install routine required that a certain windows feature be installed (I think it is "frames" but I forget now - I am not at the machine in question to check). In any case, I went to microsoft's site and downloaded this feature to my jump drive.

When I went to install this however, microsoft's install routine wants to reconnect to the their website for more content.

My question in short is, has anyone here installed paint.net on a system that is not on the web? If so, could you point me in the right direction?


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By "frames" it might have been that you don't have the correct .NET framework version.

Regarding your question, I am unsure, but I'm sure a more experienced user will be able to supply you with an adequate answer.

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