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Is there a better way to select certain things?

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1 hour ago, TruePaintNetFan said:

but selecting it with the lasso is so long and normaly doesnt work


Use the Lasso or Rectangle Select only for bigger parts (Mode: Add (Union)) around the "headshine" and for details and "holes" the Eraser or the Magic Wand Tool. Additional the plugin "Tweak Transparency" or "Color Clearer" and "Color Replacer" might be useful.



when i select the wall it always goes over to the people and deletes parts of their body


Have a look at the Tolerance when using Magic Wand Tool. Lower values can avoid such effects.

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What I would do is manually  erase the gray near the "headshine" using the Eraser tool but with really low Hardness. Lets say 0 hardness on the Eraser tool. This makes erasing very smooth around the radius of your Eraser so you could retain that "headshine". Carefully erase every bit of gray that surrounds the "headshine" so erase the gray around the shoulders and the woman's hand as well.


And when the area surrounding the "headshine" is totally devoid of any gray, use the Magic Wand to select the rest of the gray wall for deletion. Adjust your Tolerance as IRON67 suggests and see which percentage gives the most pleasing result of not including the areas you don't want to delete.

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