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where do put new templates?

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Hello Rage Quan.

When you mention 'Pixel Bunneh', can I assume the pixelbunneh.com?

The 'templates' that site lays mention to, and distributes PDN files of, do not follow the same principle as Paint.NET plugins, in that you don't have to install them in a folder; here, with these, you simply open them. If the site has claimed otherwise (and I cannot see this), then they are mistaken as Paint.NET does not support templates in the sense you have to install them for it to be used in the program, as you may with other graphic applications.

So, just open them up as you would with any other file, and do as you wish with them.

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Myrddin is correct, these templates are simply texture files that you open in Paint.net. When you download them, they come zipped, so you need to find the zipped file and then extract the textures themselves with Windows (if you use Windows) or another application such as Winzip or Peazip.

Once that is done, you go to File > Open in Paint.net and choose the unzipped file. The full 6 layer file should be the first one in the list.

Hope this helped.

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