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  1. Myrddin is correct, these templates are simply texture files that you open in Paint.net. When you download them, they come zipped, so you need to find the zipped file and then extract the textures themselves with Windows (if you use Windows) or another application such as Winzip or Peazip. Once that is done, you go to File > Open in Paint.net and choose the unzipped file. The full 6 layer file should be the first one in the list. Hope this helped.
  2. I've got the head templates up in .pdn form if you need them. http://www.pixelbunneh.com/2008/08/01/p ... templates/ Okay, all the templates are up in .pdn format in the same location.
  3. Yes, you can definitely make skins and clothing for Second life with Paint.net. I don't have any tutorials for it specifically, but you can find out where to get the templates and some other tips here http://www.pixelbunneh.com/.
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