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  1. :shock: i opened a new canvas today and my pallet has disapeard? how do i get it back ? lol
  2. hey guy's im trying to make a window texture with a wall surrounding it. i would show you what i mean but the file is to large. well i guess you know what i mean anyway he! he! been trying to figure it out for a few days before posting this but i havent a clue as to which affect to use for making stone walls brics etc. if any one knows what i mean please help. maybe a picture so i can see what effect it has when complete or a (tut if there is one) if there is one i must be blind!!
  3. hey guys wondering if some one can help: i have been trying for days now to make something shiny. and to make something wrinkled im at my whits end hear some you shed some light on this please1
  4. dont wory it's telling me it cant find the bloody thngs any way i guess ill have to try and download them 1 by 1 ? thanks any way man
  5. hi guys i jus got the files (pixel Bunneh) is handing out but where do i put them in paint.net folders? and thanks for doing this pix i cant get my head round (photoshop / gimp) :oops:
  6. was i right in jus putting it in user files i havent got any other files for pdn
  7. where can i get the plug in to let me install the other plug in! (confused i am ) he he
  8. he! he! nice to know another sl'er is using this program. thanks for the info m8 have you tried using the clothing template on here?
  9. is there a way to put a texture in the palet? ie a metal or wood texture?
  10. hey guys thought i would put this in a new post! more about second life 8) are the plug ins for gimp and photo shop going to work for paint.net (for the sl clothes templates) i have problems using gimp so it would be cool if they do!
  11. hey guys im new to this program. have to say the interface is much more pleasing to the eye than. / gimp / photoshop couldent even figure out how to use them!! well i just read how to make alpha textures and it is so easy. ( especially how there's so much documentation on hear. ) my question is though is it possible to designe skins and clothes etc for second life. allso could i have a few examples as what this program cand do etc
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