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need help with layering

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hello! i am fairly new to paint.net and am having trouble figuring out how to layer to photos together. i have read and re-read the instructions under the help tab...i have searched the forum and i still cannot figure it out.

i have figured out how to duplicate a layer and do sc on it.

my problem is, i cannot figure out how to merge TWO separate images. i read somewhere that i should open the second image, click Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+Shift+V. I still cannot figure it out.

can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong or point me in the direction of a tutorial...I couldn't seem to find one that fit my specific problem.

thanks in advance!

dawn :P

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thanks, but actually i am trying to take two separate pictures and merge them into one. Like in the tutorial under the help button it shows merging the camaro and the seattle pic into one.

from the tutorial in your reply, it looks like editing was done to one single picture? i am so new, i apologize if i am not making myself clear.


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