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Sound / music in an image file?

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I am new to the ways of computer graphic design. I stumbled across this site thanks to Google. I really enjoy making different items with my photoshop like program (it's not the paint.net one, but I am currently downing it, and can't wait to try it). I have currently been designing desktop backgrounds for friends, and a sign for my company I work at. The sign I believe came out top notch. I put forth a lot of effort and came out with a high quality sign. I have a link at the bottom of one of the desktop backgrounds I made.

Today I got bad news that a good friend has his wife pass away. I have some photos of some various partys we attended with her. This is my idea. I am not sure if it's possible, again I am new to this. :?

What I want to do is start with a .jpg, .gif, .png, basically any image type file, and this is where I get confused at. I want to either embed or encode (not sure which is the right term) an audio file type such as a .mp3, .wav, or .wma.

What I want to happen is that when the image file is opened in a e-mail or compatible device capable of opening the file extension the image will open, and the song will play.

Any of you graphic design guru's know what I am trying to explain, and able to recommend a software for me or what I need to do exactly. Step by step would be great that way I won't hork up my creation.

http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i215/ ... nsaver.gif

desktop background design

Thanks for any help in advance,


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Well, there aren't any image formats to my knowledge that support embedded audio. However, you may be able to accomplish that with a PowerPoint Presentation, or something to that effect. However, I'm not sure if that's openable in e-mail format. It may have to be downloaded to be viewed.

Otherwise, if you happen to have Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash lying about, Flash presentations with audio are a snap to make.

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Renamed thread title

Please do not post threads with generic titles such as, "I need help please." Imagine if everyone did this: the forum would be pages of "I need help please" with no way to figure out what any thread was really about.

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