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Request: History Log

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Be able to save a log of the history, of what was previously done to a photo. This might not work for repeating certain things, but for things like changing hue/saturation, brightness, using any tools, etc, it could be pretty useful. There's a few graphics I made that I didn't save new revisions of after a few major changes, and then I saved and turned off my computer cause I had to go somewhere. When I logged back in, I decided I liked it before the save, and it took me quite awhile to recreate. Say there was a 'history log autosave' feature that could be enabled/disabled, where the title of the log either contains the date and/or the image title, 'Untitled (time-stamp)' if no name. There could be a 'save as' button in the menu for it, possibly one on the 'history' tab.

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A save history function that recorded plugin settings as a text file could be very useful. However, I doubt it is likely in the near future.
It can sometimes be useful to take and save a screen shot of the expanded history window if you need to record the steps taken to create an effect.


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