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How Do I Gradient Partially Transparent (Translucent) Pixels

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So I made these shapes a while back. I somehow put a gradient on the entire circle, except pixels where the circle is partially transparent, the gradient was also partially transparent. However, when I use the magic wand tool at 70% to select the entire circle, the use the gradient tool, the transparency factor goes away and all the pixels become opaque. I know it was easier than readjusting all the transparency pixels. Could someone help me out on how to do this?


I have attached a small circle below just so that you can easily see the partially transparent pixels that I am referring to. I also attached a second circle of what happens when I try the method I explained above.



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I suggest that you don't use the Magic Wand, but instead use a plugin like BoltBait's Paste Alpha. Copy the circle into the clipboard, then paste the alpha into a layer in which you've generated a gradient. (Paste Alpha gives a choice between pasting the alpha or pasting the gray-scale values to be used as alpha. In most cases, it's easier to generate a gray-scale version, since there are more tools and plugins to modify the color than to modify the opacity.)

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