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How do i make curved letters in circle. Like this.

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Unless you were using a highly specialized font for this specific purpose, a plugin would be able to get the shapes of the letters correct.


You'd need to create the letters manually.

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The logo sample you gave has probably been drawn as Toe_head2001 said. But if you just wish to make your logo look like a ball you can follow these steps:


1. You will need a square canvas(600x600 for example)

2. You need to type your text as big as possible and make sure that the sides of the text touch all the canvas borders. To do this I used a little tool that Toe_head2001 developed not long ago : " Selection - text..." . Using this tool will not make the text fit into the square canvas so you will need to stretch it manually until the text touches all four edges of the canvas.

3. You can now distort the Squared text into a ball using TR's Drumskin effect.

4. Add your circle.


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