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paper size DIN A5 disappeared in the print menu

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For years I use paint.net with paper size A5 to get parts for my paper modelling hobby in exactly correct size. Since 2 weeks this size isn't any longer offered in the paper size chosing part of the print menu, but only theese paper sizes as shown in my screenshot. Did paint.net change programming for the worse in the new version? Or is it a bug by Windows 10 Redstone? Can somebody help me getting A5 back? Or must I reinitialize calibration of my drawings in an other painting program?



EuGu, Germany


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Windows is called by paint.net to do the printing.  This is an issue with Windows.  


Believe me, paint.net does not have any code in it to display the printing dialog boxes or do the actual printing.  It simply calls Windows and sends it a copy of your image.  After that, Windows is in control.

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The paper size listing on the Paper tab is provided by the printer driver, not by PDN.


Since PDN (and all other programs including Notepad) gets its list of paper sizes from the printer driver, this seems like a printer driver issue.

Make sure you have the latest driver for your printer. If it doesn't include a specific definition for A5, then you'll have to use a Custom size setting.


What is the printer you have selected as the default?

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Hi xod,


thanks for your trial. (Sorry if this should be a wrong expression. My English is poor.) My printer is Canon Pixma MG5350. I used it for years printing A5 with paint.net by Windows XP, 7 and 10 - until that bloody Redstone upgrade.

With IrfanView I still get A5 - hoping Bill Gates will not read this to destroy it in his next Windows update ;-)




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