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seeking advice on scaling and transparency


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I promised a kid I know that I would help him make a tee-shirt. I'm stuck however.

He wanted me to help him take a stupid mukips image(see the file attached below) and place it on a tee shirt at http://www.cafepress.com/

I cant however for the life of me figure out how to stretch the image with out ruining it and then turn it into transparent picture I can use.

Could you guys give me some pointers?


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Hullo jkd003.

Well, you'll find the transparency part of this quite easy: for the fact the edges are straight and relatively aliased, you could use the Magic Wand ( :MagicWandTool: ) to highlight the background, followed by a tapping of the Delete key to remove the selected background. You will need to save in a format that can handle transparency, I would highly recommend the PNG format.

Unfortunately, this ease cannot be said the same for enlarging the image without distortion. When you enlarge a raster image (one made up of pixels, as this is) then the program processing the resize has to extrapolate new pixels - basically, make them up - to fill the gaps created when you stretch something. Now, even the best graphics software will have a limit to how little distortion will be created, Paint.NET being one of these. Even Photoshop.

Now, I would with this graphic, as it has very little colours composing it (eight at least), vectorise it. Vectors, unlike raster, constructs its shapes via mathematical formulae, and because of so you can resize to any dimension without any malformation: the formula is simply applied to the new size. I would use either the free vector application Inkscape to trace the image (Path menu > Trace Bitmap can give decent results) or completely re-draw it. On another free note, the site vectormagic.com will simplify that tracing in one easy to follow website. You will have to supply your email address to have the vectorised version of the image to resize as necessary - I've done this myself with no concerns.

You can then take the vector drawing to resize and remove the background as needed in both Inkscape and Paint.NET, respectively. (Paint.NET cannot handle the vector format, not now, and very unlikely in the future.)

This might all seem complicated or unnecessary, but you will get the most crisp logo, and the most satisfaction from your friend.

It also depends how big you want the graphic, some users have some neat methods of upping the dimensions with little distortion, though I can't recall these methods, and like I said, there will eventually be a limitation.

I hope some of this long-winded reply will be of some use. Just don't be put off, it's all quite easy really :).

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