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How do I remove toolbars?

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What toolbars? Paint.net has extra windows for Tools (F5), History (F6), Layers (F7) and Colors (F8). You can toggle these windows by F-keys or in the upper right corner by clicking the symbols.

By activating different tools some more options are shown under the main menu. Thats it.

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Hello :)

The paint.net tool bar is always visible. You can learn more about paint.net's user interface from here : http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MainWindow.html


If the tool bar or any of the small windows bother you, you can toggle the small windows on and off, and you can zoom in and out as needed. There are lots of ways to zoom in and out to help make navigating the paint.net canvas easier. You can use the zoom tool (Z), or use Ctrl + Mouse Wheel, Ctrl + - and +, Ctrl + 0 (sets actual size), and in the bottom right corner drag the slider, or click the little computer icon.

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