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Portable paint.net Launcher

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Update: Official portable Paint.NET can now be obtained here:






I have created a custom launcher to run a portable copy of paint.net. A launcher isn't technically necessary, but this allows for two things:

  1. It can (optionally) read settings from an ini file and load the values into the local registry, so you can always have your custom settings.
  2. Once paint.net has been closed, it will also clean up (delete) the paint.net folder in the %LocalAppData% directory, and will also clean up the paint.net registry key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software.

The paint.net executable and related files are not bundled with this, so you'll need to copy them from your existing installation.
The computers that you plan to use this on will need to have the .Net Framework v4.6.x already installed.
Remember, this will clean up (delete) settings, so don't run this on the same machine (or at least same Windows account) with your existing paint.net installation. Again, It will wipe all your current paint.net settings. Your installation of Paint.net will still work, but your custom settings will be removed.

Link Removed
Source Code


Here are some examples of how the INI file works:

Registry entry     INI entry
Window/History/IsVisible=True     [Window]
UI/Language=en-US     [UI]


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add link to official portable paint.net
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How did you make this portable?

As I understand it, he created a "launcher" app that does the work of creating the usual paint.net directory for the duration that the pdn executable runs, then deletes the directory when it's closed. Really, executables are all portable as long as all dependencies and the target platform are present. In this case, the .Net Framework is an assumed dependency.

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