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Bug Report not working

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I was originally having a problem with resizing pixel art and it maintaining it's pristineness and not getting anti-aliased or blurred or anything (found the solution, it was Nearest Neighbor, although I think it should be renamed to like Exact or something). Anyway, I was going to submit that and the Contact page on this site said to use the "Send feedback or bug report" in Paint.NET. I tried clicking it and it opened my Mail app, but never opened a new email. Tried a few more times, closing the app and such, and nothing worked. Changed my mail app to open Google Chrome instead, figuring it was a mailto:: kind of thing, but when I clicked the button, it just opened up Google Chrome to it's homepage and that was it. So no matter how I tried it, that send feedback button didn't seem to work.


I just updated before I opened it, so it's currently on 4.0.9.

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What OS and mail client?

The send feedback thing does just use a mailto: link, but I don't think Chrome does anything with it. Try changing you default mail client.

Also, nearest neighbor is the correct name for that scaling algorithm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_scaling#Scaling_methods


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 it was Nearest Neighbor, although I think it should be renamed to like Exact or something

Nope. The entire industry calls it nearest neighbor.



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