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Can't open or associate .tif files v2.61 (and earlier)

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I have been having this problem for several versions: I am unable to associate the context menu (right click) edit function for .tif files and I am unable to use the "Open With" function either. (Windows XP Pro)

Steps taken:

1. Right click .tif file

2. Select 'Open With'

3. Select 'Choose Program...'

4. Click the button

5. Navigate to \Program Files\Paint.NET

6. Select PaintDotNet application

7. Click

At this point the PaintDotNet application should appear on the 'Programs' list but it does not - for some reason Windows XP refuses to acknowledge PaintDotNet as a valid application for opening .tif files - if I start D.N and open the file through the file/open process it works just fine.


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This sounds like either an error with this Windows functionality, or a misconception about how it works (I admit I'm also not sure how it decides to populate that menu). You may have some better luck if, from any Explorer window, you go to Tools -> Folder Options..., and then go to the File Types tab. Find TIF and TIFF in the list and edit them appropriately.

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