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  1. That definitely has use, but I am trying to find something that will let me fill an area with a texture that already exists within another region of the photo - to see what a house would look like if the the entire house were brick instead of just one portion, for example.
  2. I would like to use paint.net to see how a house would look with different exteriors. Is there a way I can copy a small section of, say, brick and then paste that texture over a large area? I can't paste the section because it has the original size and stretching it stretches all of the mortar lines and makes everything look horrible. Thanks.
  3. I have been having this problem for several versions: I am unable to associate the context menu (right click) edit function for .tif files and I am unable to use the "Open With" function either. (Windows XP Pro) Steps taken: 1. Right click .tif file 2. Select 'Open With' 3. Select 'Choose Program...' 4. Click the button 5. Navigate to \Program Files\Paint.NET 6. Select PaintDotNet application 7. Click At this point the PaintDotNet application should appear on the 'Programs' list but it does not - for some reason Windows XP refuses to acknowledge PaintDotNet as a valid application f
  4. For any .tif image when I right click the file, select open with, and browse to the paint.net application the file will not open.
  5. For a particular project I may have a large number (> 100) images I need to review and tweak. Currently the process is as follows: Quickly scan through photos using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. When a photo needs a tweak, click the edit button to open paint.net Make the tweaks Close paint.net Return to Picture and Fax Viewer resume scanning through photos Sometimes I may have dozens of photos that need adjustment so these extra steps eat up quite a bit of time. Any chance that paint.net can incorporate a quick method to view photos on screen? The ability to use --> and <-
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