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Any way to adjust JPEG compression settings?

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A frequent task for me is to up the compression on pictures that will be used on websites. I've found the OptiPNG plugin for dealing with PNG images, but nothing to adjust JPEG compression settings--is there a plugin or way to do that?

If not, consider it a feature request. Thanks,


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When you save as a JPEG, a window should pop up with a quality setting. This setting will adjust the compression, lower quality for higher compression, and higher quality for lower compression.

Call me expired. Please.


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Well, if you ask for more options than the built-in save window (you mentioned the optiPNG plugin) there is currently no such plugin for JPEG available.

Now that smudge is available for Paint.NET, I still can't uninstall GIMP cause I need it for JPEG saving. GIMP produces much better results.


It was often requested, but the chance that you'll get it is small, because the optiPNG plugin uses an existing application (optiPNG). A JPEG plugin would have to be written from scratch. Considering all the option it should provide, that would take a lot of time and would require professional skills.

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Ah! I've been looking for this topic for a while now, and it might feed people's curiosity for more JPEG options (I wish I had this for earlier): viewtopic.php?f=12&t=20431&p=107009&

Rick gives good reason for not including such additions to Paint.NET's handling of the JPEG format for the moment.

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