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I have used this software first and like it very much.

1. The gradients button should have also a combo box with multiply, normal, overlay, lighten etc. just like photo shop.

2. It should have an option to batch process images. It will be very useful feature if you add it. Any filters and brushes should be saved in a script and in batch processing they can be easliy applied to aal images. If there is a plugin for hat please inform.

3. Is there any directory where i can easily find plugins according to my need?

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Remember to use Search before you ask a question

1. Add a new layer :AddNewLayer: before you use a gradient then you can open layer proporties and change the blend mode of the layer

2. ScriptLab v2.2 can do this I think (although I have never used it)

3. If you mean where you can download Plugins they are in the link

If you need more help just ask :wink:

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