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help me! text!

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Right! So i've downloaded a truetype font file thing, I want to put it in my sig on paint.net

but i dont know how to get it into paint.net to use it!!

Which file do i put it in?? so that i can use the font in paint.net??

An additional question; does anyone know any other sites (or downloads on this forum) where I can get cool text/fonts for my paint.net sig? like 3d and colourful, graphicy, block lettering.. i dunno just any cool text.

Help VERY MUCH appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Auds.

First and foremost, your topic title breaks [rule=6]Rule 6[/rule] which explains that topic titles must be descriptive. This in order for both the right user to see your problem and help more efficiently, and more importantly, for a clean and organised Forum; imagine if the Forum was littered with 'help!' and 'request!!!!'. Madness it would be. Utter lunacy.

Secondly, a brief scan across the Forum, or indeed a Search for font installation would have revealed this gem of a tutorial detailing the installation: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3393. No_Laces' response summarises this process.

Thirdly and lastly, you can try such font repositories as dafont.com or 1001fonts.com for new and exciting fonts to add to your designs.

Now, because your title breaks the aforementioned ruling, I will have to lock your topic, but that doesn't mean you can't post again. In fact, we'd be more than happy to lend the hand of help to you if needed, so long as you bear in mind those Rules ;)

Topic locked

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