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How do you make a cutout? O= ^_^

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The other day, I tried to follow that tut you linked to. But always at the same point in my picture, I failed to put the line "tidily" around the corner ... when it was only a slight bending still heading in the same direction, it was no problem, but when I had to change direction (let's say from going to the right and upward to going to the right and downward) the last nub would just ever dislocate itself, thus drawing the line across the part of the picture which I wanted to maintain. :cry: I couldn't get the nub to stay in place... so for the time being I gave up on this tut.

I used the mouse first, and later switched to using the HyperPen which would not be of help at all. (But then, I'm not a graphics freak, and I definitely lack practise, that's true. Nonetheless I'd be very grateful for some helpful comments.)

Thanks in advance for your ever lasting patience with me. If I'm becoming a nuisance, please tell me so, and I'll try my best to walk alone.... just don't know how far I'll get... :mrgreen:

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or use the import alpha mask plugin ;)

sometimes i have my own ways to cutout something for example (duplicate layer) i run the pencilsketch effect and then erase the things i want to select, after that you can click with the magic wand into the erased parts and voilá.

Or make a new layer, change the opacity to around 120, then draw with red or any other color your selection, after that click with the magic wand on your drawed parts, then back to the original layer and delete the "draw layer".

edit: in your pic Technokitty i would only click on the white with the magic wand with a tolerance from ~16% then press delete.;)

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