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Make a box with faded borders

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Have you seen the boxes with faded borders? Many websites are using them these days. Here's an example of what I'm talking about (to the right of the page).

How do I go about making one of those? I can make the box alright but getting the borders to fade away is tricky, at least for me. :(

Could someone help me?

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@Mike Ryan

Silly me! You're correct in that I've asked this before. Well, sort of...

My problem here is that the gradient (or fade to transparency) isn't applied on the border of the box - it's only applied to the color inside the lines.

That's why I asked. Sorry for "double-posting."

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Alright, I will help out here: open up Paint.NET. Next, create a New Layer ( :AddNewLayer: ). On this new layer, use the Rounded Rectangle tool with your desired settings (i.e. color, width, and fill type) and draw a rounded rectangle to the preferred demensions. Then pull out your Graident Tool. Be sure you are using the Linear gradient type and your Gradient Tool is in Transparency Mode. Starting from the top, drag the gradeint all the way down. Next, create a new layer and fill this layer with your content. Before flattening, delete the bottom white layer if necessary. minitut>


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