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Help With Layers.

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Okay, Ive looked around the site and asked for help at different places. But there are still somethings that I need help with. Layers are the big thing that I dont understand completely. I dont know how to have one layer show through to the next. Like for the picture below. I added another layer and did a purple gradiant on it, but it completely covers everything unless I unselect that layer. I really need someone to explain this to me.

Im looking to edit pictures to do things like this:


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1. welcome to the forums

2. change your thread title to something that makes sense for example: help with layers

3. for your pic you can duplicate your layer, panel it, make a new layer on which you draw a gradient with secondary color alpha=0.

tipp: try to follow most of the tutorials, if can't come forwards anymore, ask in the thread for it ;)

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