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  1. Definately a clear tutorial. Well done! This is what i ended up with. Siggy made with 100% recycled cardboard, xD
  2. I really like all of them for different reasons, but the one that stands out most for is the colourful one with the word 'scudder5k' in it, mainly because it is attractive to the eye =]
  3. No offence but the 3rd, 4th and 5th pics arn't that good all they are is a picture with a twist, (literally) although I like your choice of colours =]
  4. Cheerios, (no such thing as apple jacks in my country) Chocolate milk or banana milk?
  5. Lol.... ...When your forum name is the same as your IRL name, ^.^
  6. ^ is wrong < has posted in this thread before v is older then me (im 13)
  7. Lol. No, heres the original render if you want proof EDIT: Thanks for the suggestion jedi, ill remember to use a variety of colours in my next sig EDIT2: Added new pic.
  8. I love the outcome. Thanks for this tutorial
  9. Just make a new layer for all the text you want bold, underline, etc.
  10. Dunno what the other one is, so im gunna have to go for ĀµTorrent, Pc or Mac?
  11. I really liked the Orb 2 one, however I don't get the pleasantville one
  12. If you're text was all one colour, you could download the plugin 'outline object' [ searchpaint.net if you cant find it ] and have you're outline the same colour as your text with low softness and high width. Also, you're doing you're pictures wrong. You're meant to upload them to either Imageshack or Photobucket. If you need a tutorial, look here.
  13. if you wanted it to load without deleting any of your fonts, try letting them load for a bit. thats a lot of fonts
  14. basically. you need to change the blend mode of a layer. you can do this by double-clicking one on the layers in the bottom-right corner on your screen and changing the blend mode. this should work.
  15. they work like add noise, but in the opposite try adding noise to any picture and see what it does to the quality. thats what reduce noise can take away.
  16. Clicky. hope it helps =] EDIT: opps. forgot a step, heres what it should say. 1. click this [arrow pointing to add new layer] 2. click this [arrow pointing to the 'A' under tools] 3. write text 4. click this [arrow pointing to bold, italic, and underline]
  17. my $5 keyboard cant handle 3 keys being pressed at once T_T
  18. when you install PdN into your school computers and all those plugins you installed at home
  19. 7/10 not much done to it just added renders, font and a border to a backround no offence
  20. ^ there name in their sig looks like 'DBZ' < is new to PdN V posts on a forum about PdN
  21. Heh. thanks the main reason I used that render is because im a street fighter fan and I wanted to try something different =D
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