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transparent color

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I have some white text on a grey background.

I want to make the text blue but can't do it using the color picker or bucket tolerance as it doesn't pick up all the text perfectly.

Also, I don't have the font.

So, I created an extra layer that is entirely blue.

How do I make the white text on the first layer transparent?

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If I'm fully understanding of what you want, this is how I do it.

1. Using the magic wand select the background (adjusting the tolerence as necessary) If there are inside the letters that are not selected, then hold the control key and select them. Then hit control i to invert the selection. This should make it that your text is selected.

2. Go to adjustments and select transparency. Move the slider all the way to the left. Your text should now be transparent.

3. Make a new layer and move it down. Fill this layer with what ever color you would like your text to be.

4. Merge layers and ta da you are done.

Hope this helps


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Alpha Mask?

It's not actually a text layer, it's just a .gif with text in it hence why I don't have the fonts.

The Alpha Mask plugin, that's what I meant. You can search for it.

Your image is a layer - when you open it in PDN, it's called Background on the layers window.

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