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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks to the tutorial makers and admins, this is a great forum to start with Paint.NET :D so i say thank you!

Here Is My Image's I Made This Month :D :

Signature Template


LG Chocolate


iPod Touch/iPhone


USB 4.0 GB


Old School Television




Bubble :D








Blue Planet


3D Puzzle Piece


Cheezy Smiley


3D Ring (Lord Of The Rings)


Windows Orb (Kinda crappy) :oops:


B Bubble Orb


And That's All :D I Hope You Enjoy Looking At My Art Work :D I Will Bring More Next Month (Hopefully) Thank You So Much Tutorial Maker's And Admins :D

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Hi X-boy.

I don't think your windows orb is crappy ... maybe just missing a bit of feathering on one or 3 of your pictures ?

Strange ... when I first opened my gallery someone said that to me :D

I like your work and look forward to seeing more


Thank you! Im really happy with the iTouch, TV, and the Chocolate ^_^. Lets Wait A Little For More Feedback :D

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