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  1. That all sounds a little too complicated for me. I guess I can just stick to doing pixelated, ugly gifs
  2. The original gif... My gif, just added layers above with text and merged. Sorry, embedding isn't like what I am use to. [imgx][/imgx] without x's doesnt work on here?
  3. You could use the magic wand tool at default tolerance and global flood mode, select white and delete. Then you could get the outline object tool from pyrochilds addon pack (, if you don't already have it, and outline object with black as strong or as weak as you would like. Then you could create a layer behind your schematic, and paint it all white then merge the two. Hope that helps!
  4. I rep for Paint.Net everyday on an MMA site I live on at work. Even made a tutorial for people that want to learn how to alter photo's and face swap on their site. Here is my sig on the site, and if it's frowned upon to link to other sites then let me know before you warn/ban me please! Photoshop too expensive, and you wanna SHOOP for free?
  5. I have been making and editting .gifs for about a year now using the .agif plugin found here. My .gifs are coming out with 256 color, 8 bit format. I see .gifs from movies, youtube videos, etc; on MANY occasions that are not old and blocky looking like the ones I make. I am fully aware of using .apngs, but not everyone I send them to can see them because of browser compatability. So my question is, can such a high quality .gif be produced in Paint.Net? If not, how can I add text to an already high quality .gif without lowering the quality to 8 bit? Appologies If there is already a thread about this somewhere. I am at work, and searched around the internet for hours on this subject already and might have just looked past it on here. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the help! I knew I was missing the smallest detail. Been using Paint.Net for little over a year to shoop on MMA sites, never had to invert anything before. Appreciate the help and have a great holiday!
  7. After doing steps 1-8 I don't get that image portrayed. I select everything outside my text with flood selection and 0 set on magic wand, but not sure what invert selection is. Tried setting the magic wand to invert, and I don't get those results, and tried inverting colors and still don't get those results. I know this is user error and the fact that I am not 100% sure what "invert selection" is, so can someone steer me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance!