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  1. Just curious if it's possible to get the radius to go higher than 1000? I am working on a rather large project and looks like I'm going to need at lease 2000. Thanks!
  2. I have a schematic or drawing that I just need to increase the line thickness on. It is just all black lines and letters that are currently only like 1 pixel thick. When printed it is hard to see. Is there a good filter or method that any of you know of that will allow me to increase the thickness of these lines? Thanks!
  3. Thanks all for your information! We don't have the cad versions as they are just sent to us as TIF or pdf documents.. Some of these are so old the original files probably don't even exist anymore
  4. Hey thanks for the info pdnnoob.. I tried what you recommended but still my image became fuzzy even at 50%.
  5. I have some really large blueprints (black and white). Some of them exceed 30000 x 8000 in size. I want to reduce the overall size of these but when I try this my image gets really fuzzy. Is there a way to make these images smaller without messing up the clarity? Thanks a million!
  6. Thanks all for the information! pdnnoob, as you mentioned above, yes, some of these drawings we have are HUGE! We want them to be one large drawing rather than several pieces and yes we do print them out and they can be several feet long Let's just say money wasn't an issue as to what I put into a computer. What would have the most impact on the performance of Currently memory is not getting pegged. The PC I'm running on is running 3 SSDs already anyhow. Does that just leave me with the processor? Even though through most of the processing time the processor doesn't seem to be pegged out. Only during certain points of the processing do I see the processor jump up to pretty much 100%
  7. I probably should have mentioned that - One file I was just working on was 33241 x 5568 pixels. Although once I got through it and removed all the white backround and noise it saved out as a GIF to only 1.68 MB
  8. I'm working on some rather large blueprints (black and white). Just curious what I can do to my computer to make it run quicker? Current Specs are: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Intel Core I7 920 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 x 2 12 gb RAM 1600mhz DDR3 Mushikin Redline PC3 12800 6, 7, 6, 18 3 - Mushkin 60gb SSD Calisto Deluxe Thanks!
  9. That is FANTASTIC!!! Found the global mode in the Flood Mode drop down. Thanks a million!
  10. I have rather large blueprint that is black and white. Their is some noise around some of the black lines / text / etc on the drawing that I want to get rid of as well as get rid of the white back round all together (which I am hoping will reduce the file size a bit). Any ideas on how to best remove the white backround / remove the noise from this large drawing?