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  1. Sorry, I was spelling it wrong the whole time. And I'll fix it, thanks for letting me know ^.^
  2. Very nice sigs you got there ^.^ I love your style.
  3. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Today we will be making my signature ^.^ It's also ideal for beginners, but I didn't know where to put it. You'll need: - Boltbait's plugin pack (we'll be using the Bevel plugin): http://forums.getpai...cember-12-2011/ - a simple background/texture/etc. The one that I used: http://dyingbeautyst...bokeh-113751417 1. Open up your picture of choice. 2. Create a new layer on top and fill it with white... then type in your text in black (Make sure that your font is thick!) 3. Select your text with the magic wand on the top layer and delete it. Invert the selection, go to bottom layer (your picture) and delete that. Then delete the same thing on top and merge the top and bottom layer. Now you should have your colored text ONLY. 4. Select your text with the magic wand and then go to Effects then Selection/Bevel and tweak the settings until your text looks like how mine looks: 5. Hit okay and duplicate the layer. Select the text on the bottom layer with the magic wand and fill it with black and deselect. Next do a Gaussian Blur (tweak the blur radius until it looks something like this): 5. Use rectangle select and crop. ET VOILA! You're finished, now wasn't that easy? P.S. I'm sorry for not having exact measurements but each one will be a different size depending on the picture.
  4. Hi Robyn! To do that, open up the picture that you want in PDN. Then go to the "Layers" tab and hit "Import layer from file". Then you'll have your logo (assuming it's an image) on your picture. If you need me to be more descriptive don't hesitate to ask me. EDIT: I saw your other post just a second ago... to change the title of your post just hit "Edit" on the right of your original post and go to "Advanced Editing" or something (forgot the exact words).
  5. Why thank you. I quite like yours too ^.^ Anyways I'm changing my signature by the day... but I guess that's because I'm learning so much.
  6. New sig ^.^ oh and I created a dA avatar...
  7. The view size. Ai, I guess I'll change it in PDN...
  8. Okay I resized them in Photobucket... I'm not sure how long it takes for changes to take affect but they should take (I also redid the /IMG codes in the post).
  9. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hi everyone, I wanted to make an easy tutorial with no plugins so here it is! This is the look that we're trying to achieve (though your's might be in different colors and shapes): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Open up a canvas the size of 800x600 (the default size). Go to edit/select all and then go to edit/erase selection, after that it should look like this: Find ellipse select on the left and select an ellipse shape (recommended) or circle. Fill that in with black: Now this is the part when it gets interesting... select gradient on the left and select "diamond" on the top. the in the color box choose your colors (as shone below) and create a gradient that you like... Make a duplicate layer and change the layer/Layer Properties/blending mode to "Multiply" and hit okay. Then merge the layers together. Now it's time to add glow. For this there is no "Perfect combination" so choose what looks best for you. Then create a new, seperate layer and make sure your ellipse is selected (if not, select it with the magic wand). In the color box, put black as primary (top) and white as secondary (bottom) and select gradient and do a linear gradient as so: Using Layer Properties/Blending Mode, choose "Overlay" and then merge the layers. Next deselect your stone and do a gaussian blur of about 5-10 (choose what looks best to you). Finally, add a new layer, using the paint bucket make it black, and lower it below your stone and then merge them. ET VOILA! you have a lovely stone from Narnia or wherever you want it to be from
  10. A shirt I created in Paint.NET for the Sims 2^ Signatures; Avatars; Wallpapers;
  11. EvGirl

    Glowing Sphere/Orb

    Now my signature is fabulous. Thank you so much