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  1. Hi, sorry if this has already been answered. I don't know how to search for prior entries. Now that I know how to use plugins, I just wonder, when Paint.net updates (quite frequently), do the plugins you've installed remain in the new version, or do you have to install them all over again? (Hopefully they remain, but I'd like to verify it.) Thanks!
  2. Oh. Yes, I meant Tanel. Still getting used to this forum, even though I've been a member of it for years, but I hadn't used it for ages.
  3. Oh, wow! Downloaded the Color Mixer, and yes, it worked!! Thank you so much! I didn't think the Store version was the inferior one. I thought the Classic was inferior because I didn't have that screen. So now I know, I didn't have it because it was a plug-in. (Incidentally, I also didn't realize you were the author of the Eyeshine plug-in.) I have plenty more animal pix that need the eyes fixed, so am super happy to now have tools to do it. I'll look at your other programs too, but for now, those pet eyes will keep me busy for awhile. Thank you again!
  4. Yikes! From what I can tell, my two pictures uploaded, but my text not at all! (I'm obviously deficient with this forum.) Here's my text: Thanks for this! But it only tantalizes me. My Paint.net does not have the screen you show! When I was asking about plug-ins, I was asked if I was using the Classic version or the MS Store version. I am using the Classic version. Are you using the MS Store version? If so, are you using the regular menu, or a plug-in? If you are showing the MS Store version, without a plug-in, then that version must be better than the Classic - rather upsetting to me as I never knew I had an inferior version. If I do, then I will have to get the MS Store version. Since my less-than-stellar result before, in which the eyes came out too black, I played around some more. I didn't succeed with the Paint.net plug-in, but I realized, the particular shot I'm using as a test is unusual for "pet eye", because instead of the typical green eyes, this cat's eyes look red. Therefore, I wondered if a red-eye tool for humans might work. I didn't succeed with Paint.net in that either, but another program I have, called Photo! Editor made a big, but not complete, improvement. I then used Paint.net's cloning tool to finish the job. (Photo! Editor and other programs that I have also have cloning tools, but I find Paint.net the best for that.) On this particular shot, I now have a result I'm happy with, although, of course, I'd be happier with less steps. But anyway, I will post the result here.
  5. Well, I tried to upload it smaller, then decided to delete it and do it as big as before, but now they're both there. 😞 Sorry about that!
  6. Yes, it helped! Thank you! I think it will take a lot of playing around before I get good with it. At first glance, this fix looks better than the prior "pink eyes", but on looking closer, way too black, and way too jagged. But at least I now have something to work with - and have also learned how to download and install plugins! I have NOT learned how to post pix here. I didn't want such big ones, but at least you can see the result.
  7. Oops! I found the Settings menu. Didn't realize it was in that right hand icon part, not the left hand text part. Confirmed - Classic version.
  8. Actually, I don't even have a menu item, Settings. Strangely, what I have is File, Edit, View, Image, Layers, Adjustments, and Effects - and to the right of that is just a white square with a little down arrow to the right of it, like it's a menu, but when you click on the arrow, it just says, Untitled. I don't know if this is some error or not. Never noticed it before and don't know if it was there before. However, the program is undoubtedly the Classic version, as I've been using it for years, don't think I've ever been to the MS Store (for Paint.net or anything else), and periodically am told there's an update, which I always accept and get it directly from Paint.net.
  9. I see my reply did duplicate... I realize, I didn't explain my question well. I do want it in My Documents, just not in the ROOT of My Documents. I'd like to put it in a subfolder (already existing) to keep it from cluttering up my main My Docs listing. Is that possible?
  10. Fantastic! I now have the file. Thanks so much for your help! I just have 1 more question. I haven't installed the file yet. I got to a page on how to install plugins, which says to create a folder, "paint.net App Files" inside My Documents. My question is, must this folder be inside My Documents, or can I put it somewhere else? Thanks so much again! Robyn
  11. Thanks! I hope they do (repost it).
  12. Thanks! Actually, I had found that link, but it's 10 years old and the link returns "This site can’t be reached." 😞 Do you know how I can either get that link to work, or get some other link? Is there a list somewhere of all the plugins available? I've never used a plugin and don't quite understand what they are? Are they additions to the program written by someone other than Paint.net themselves? (I've been using Paint.net for years, along with some other programs.) Any help appreciated.
  13. Does Paint.Net have a way to fix glowing pet eyes caused by flash?
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