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    Thanks for the tutorial. To clarify a few things, as others have pointed out, the "Water Reflection" plugin is the updated version of the "Water" plugin. Also, after following step eight, "8. Add New Lyayer---Move Layer down---fill layer with color of the ocean.", you must then select the background layer of the clouds and then apply the "Water Reflection" plugin.
  2. Ed, Many, many thanks! Thank you for your great plug-ins. SC
  3. barbieq25, Since you have the Dents Classic plug-in, would you mind uploading the .dll to a hosting site or possibly this site, to help us needy poor souls? It would be very much appreciated. SC
  4. Ash, Would you mind giving some updated settings that would work with this tutorial using the non-"classic" version of dents? Many thanks, SC
  5. Is this a dead issue or is there no possibility of getting the Dents 'Classic' plugin?
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